Wednesday September 9th is gpoing to be the day that yet another crappy rehash of free content is coming out. This must be the 8th (or so) stockphoto launch in the last year that is 100% illegally reselling free to access content from the web.

As I wrote in my other posts here, and here the practice of selling Unsplash and other related pictures is 100% illegal. Besides that why would you as a customer pay a shady marketer money for something that was free of charge to begin with.

In the video I shot last year (available below) I go through such a platform from another vendor. The same principles apply here so I doubt I will actually record another video (unless you guys really want me to).

It should be pretty obvious already by now, but just to reiterate. Don’t buy this illegal crap!

100% free alternative

Since last time I got pretty angry by this repeated scam happening every couple months. I also decided to build my own 100% free alternative for those that were still on the fence about purchasing. Please just don’t purchase! Easily grab your 100% free, no strings attached copy of my competing platform:


Stay safe from these scams and make sure to alert as many people as possible.

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