Well here we are again, after exposing other scams like stockily.io and stockrush.io we find ourselves in the akward position of yet another scam being pulled by a couple shady marketers.

The 10th of july marks the launch of a non-functioning and copyright infringing product that you could get for 100% free as well.

As explained here in my post “Don’t pay for free Stock photo’s/video’s from sleazy marketers“. This new launch is based on the same exact principles. You take a couple of free to use resources. You don’t read any of the legal documentation and then charge for the stolen material made by others..

Hence I will be doing the exact same again and will give full free access to their product so you don’t have to reward these fine gentleman with $$$ for stolen work.

Here’s how you do it, go to their website and bypass the whole sales funnel by going directly to the sign-up form. Create an account with a fake e-mail address and use that to log in to the service for free.

As a big finger to these practises I created a stock search platform myself that is 100% free and actually takes into account the copyright requirements of the creators. Same stuff, 100% free so please just stop sponsoring these scammers


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Dennis de Graaf

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